How to install UEM NoAD configuration

Install UEM Manager.
Click the executable and follow the prompts.

Next and hit install.

Start UEM and enter the path to the UEM configuration general directory.

Create the NoAD.xml file. You can find a free template here.
It Should Look like this:

Create the NoAD directory under general > FlexRepository. And place your xml file there.

On Client machine.
Install by running the following command.
msiexec /i “VMware User Environment Manager 9.8 x64.msi” /qn LICENSEFILE=”VMware-UEM-9..0-GA.lic” /l* c:\work\Installuem.log NOADCONFIGFILEPATH=\fs01\config$\general

Verify that the agent installed correctly.
Open the registry and check the locations listed below.

That’s it!

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