NSX Inline Load Balancing for VMware UAG

I am going to configure an Inline NSX load balancer for my UAGs. Below is a picture of my current topology in an NSX network.

Let’s start by enabling load balancing on the EDGE gateway.

Create application profiles for every access point

Add a pool and a member per access point.

Add a virtual server.
Virtual Servers.
Click ‘+’.
Make sure Enable Virtual server is checked.
Select an application profile from the drop down menu.
Give it a name.
Select the outside ip address of the Edge (in my case is the outside interface of my edge gateway).
Select HTTPs as the protocol.
Input a port 443.
Select the pool we created previously.
Once you are done filling those fields out, go back to Application Profile and select the second one and do the same.

That is it!
Now the test.
I added an entry to my DNS server to have my EDGE-gateway’s outside ip Address to resolve to vdi.lab.local.

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