Horizon View 7.6 to 7.7 upgrade.

1- Take snapshots of all the Horizon View Servers:

  • View Composer
  • Connection Servers
  • Security Servers (I am using access points so I will skip this part)

2- Backup composer database

3- Upgrade View Composer on existing host.

4- Make backups of Connection Servers and record configuration settings for each individual server.

5- Upgrade the Connection Server instance that is paired with this security server.

6- Remove IPsec rules for the security server paired with the Connection Server instance that you just upgraded.

7- Configure a security server pairing password using the latest version of Horizon Administrator.

8- On the host of the security server, download and run the installer for the latest version of Connection Server.

9- After the installer wizard is finished, verify that the VMware Horizon View Security Server service is started.

10- Log in to Horizon Administrator, select the security server in the Dashboard, and verify that the security server is now at the latest version.

11- In Horizon Administrator, go to View Configuration > Servers > Security Servers tab and remove any duplicate security servers from the list.

12- Log in to Horizon Administrator and examine the dashboard to verify that the vCenter Server and View Composer icons are green.

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